Over the course of his 25+ year career in the entertainmentsoftware industry, F.J. Lennon has been involved in the development of 50 original computer games and educational software titles. He has been the sole author or head writer of 20 of those products. Here is a look at some of his notable game credits:

TITLE Retro World
DEVELOPED ON FACEBOOK BY: Entertainment Games, Inc.
ROLE Chief Creative Officer, Lead Writer

DESCRIPTION Retro World, a social game created specifically for the burgeoning 40+ demographic, paves the way for an entirely new genre of social game by blending enduring story-driven adventure gameplay, engaging episodic TV show-like storylines, addictive casual games, and music inspired by the sounds of past eras. Retro World is presented entirely using rich and evocative photographic imagery authentic to past decades (the 1950s through 1980s). This innovative visual approach to storytelling and gameplay sets Retro World apart from the Saturday morning cartoon look of most other social and mobile games.

RECOLLECTIONS It was exciting and all-consuming to create a unique social game platform for Facebook from scratch. We not only envisioned and designed what I think is the most innovative game I've ever worked on, we built the team and launched the title in less than six months. I worked harder and longer on Retro World than any product in my game career. It's my best work. And it's the greatest team I've ever had the privilege of working with. Like anything truly innovative, it's ahead of its time in a tough fundraising climate and flooded marketplace full of derivative products that are barely more than click machines posing as games. My hope is that one day Retro World will be recognized as the product that paved the way for true episodic narrative gameplay and a cohesive platform approach to content on the social graph.

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"Retro World is a well-produced game with a very distinct aesthetic."

"It (Retro World) is well-worth playing to see a good example of how episodic, story-based gaming can be handled via the Facebook platform."

"This is an interesting, noteworthy experiment in Facebook-based episodic adventure gaming."

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